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Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the auction run?

Our new live trading platform runs all week long till Thursday 12 pm

If the auction takes place on Thursday, when are the pigs delivered?

Live trading takes place at all times, Closing time is advertised per lot on the platform. Delivery of pigs to abattoir will be the following week or as indicated.

What is the commission structure?

0% commission charged to farmer

3% commission charged to buyer

When do I get paid?

Funds reflect in account 7 days from date of slaughter

Can I view the auction?

Yes, Trigga will create login details which will allow you to view the online auction

Who pays the slaughter fee?

The buyer pays the slaughter fee

Who pays for the transport from the farm to the abattoir?

The farmer funds the transport from the farm to the abattoir. Generally within a 150km radius. If a buyer is further than this distance, the farmer may ask for an additional rate on extra kilometres travelled

What if a buyer wants to collect the pigs from the farm?

The farmer will advise if he/she is comfortable to allow an outsider truck on the farm

Will the buyer get a discount if they collect?

If a buyer collects the pigs, the farmer normally provides a discount ranging from R0,40 – R0,50/kg

What if I do not have a truck to deliver my pigs?

Trigga will hire a 3rd party transporter on your behalf. The delivery fee to an abattoir is covered by the farmer within a 150Km radius. Live pig transporters charge approximately R42/km or R0.50c per K/g.

Who are the different buyers who attend the auction?

  • Abattoirs
  • Wholesalers
  • Butchers
  • Processors
  • Carcass buyers

Do you only auction pigs?

Currently only pigs, however Trigga will soon be connecting sellers & buyers of all agricultural products

Can I get access to the weekly auction results?

If you provide your cell number, Caroline will send the results to you straight after the auction.
If you are a trading Trigga customer you will be able to access weekly results.

Which farmers sell on Trigga Trader?

  • Adler
  • AE Els
  • Belhuit
  • Easpork
  • Eugene Greyling
  • GHB
  • Humphries Piggery
  • Humprhries Boerdery
  • Ibis Piggery
  • John Broderick Trust
  • Langskuur Trust
  • Mockford Farm
  • Molare
  • Mtonjeni
  • Multipig
  • Nkunzi
  • Pyramid
  • Sleepers Boerdery
  • Taaibosch
  • TopigsSA
  • Unipork
  • VDM Minnaar

Which abattoirs slaughter pigs for Trigga buyers?

  • Bloemfontein
  • Chamdor
  • Comet
  • Devon
  • Eskort
  • Farmers Meat
  • Frey’s Foods
  • Lynca
  • Milos
  • Pork Packers
  • Potgietersrus
  • R & R
  • Rica
  • Sala
  • Syferfontein
  • Twin Palms
  • Vereeniging

When does Trigga require my pig numbers?

Any day of the week. Farmers loading their own lots to be launched soon.

How do I register to place pigs?

Contact Caroline –0825555113 or [email protected] for Vendor application

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