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Phinite is a startup with a vision for hog manure—a future that eliminates obstacles in the fertilizer’s use today.

As synthesized by CEO and founder Jordan Phasey, “We produce a high analysis, organic fertilizer products made from animal manure.”

Even though animal manure has been used as fertilizer as long as there have been animals, Phinite’s robotic drying system makes the product easier to store, transport, and eliminates any odor.

“The challenge has been in the more recent decades, with more use of confinement agriculture, that farmers are struggling to find ways to manage the waste more appropriately,” Phasey says. “And the biggest challenge is around the moisture content of manure. At Phinite we’ve developed a low cost, low energy drying system that’s powered by a robot that is able to make a dry, odorless and granular fertilizer product out of out of manure.”

He says the company’s first product is OMRI certified with guaranteed analysis 1-12-0, but likely the analysis is 3-12-0.

The system has a main unit measuring about 190 feet long by 30 feet wide.

The team at Phinite has been working with AgLaunch and its network of farmers to accelerate the product’s innovation.

Listen to this clip from AgriTalk as Phasey details how he’s benefitted from farmer feedback:

“The world’s animal farms are the world’s single biggest resource for renewable fertilizer nutrients,” Phasey says. “At Phinite, we want to turn animal farms into the renewable fertilizer mines of the future.”

Innovators are welcome to apply to be included in the next around of AgLaunch 365 as part of the Row Crop Challenge and Livestock Challenge. Applications are accepted through July 18.

“Phinite and Jordan represent the exact kind of founder and the technology that we’re looking for the Row Crop Challenge and AgLaunch 365,” says Margaret Oldham. “We want the innovative technology that will benefit the farmer, benefit the environment, and Jordan has got that.”

Click here to learn more about the AgLaunch program and apply.


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