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Needle-free vaccination has many advantages over conventional vaccination, but it is not as comfortable to do. This trick gives us a solution.

In recent years, numerous devices for the needle-free administration of vaccines have come onto the market. Since they do not use needles and instead inject the vaccine using pressure, they have numerous advantages, such as preventing the transmission of diseases between animals, avoiding the breakage of needles inside the animal, and preventing occupational accidents (needlestick injuries). Some models even connect to an app to control the whole process.As nothing is perfect, they also have some drawbacks: they are large and uncomfortable to handle, requiring one operator to hold the device while the others bring the piglets closer for vaccination. Some hands-free devices are already on the market, but most are not.

As seen in the video, we used a barrel half full of water to ensure its stability, on which we fixed a mount made by a blacksmith to anchor the injection gun securely, thus eliminating the need for an operator to hold the injection device.

You can see that a single needle-free syringe vaccinates the same number of piglets as two intramuscular syringes in the same amount of time.


Pig333 | Miquel Forcadell Silvestre| February 08, 

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