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International efforts are being made to restrict or ban antibiotics use in livestock feed also there is an increasing interest to look for sustainable alternatives to antibiotics growth promoters (AGPs). Improving growth performance and maintaining intestinal health are the keys to successfully reducing the use of AGPs.

Depending on the yeast productivity and R&D advantages, Angel Yeast has developed the yeast derived product YeaSense. YeaSense is a kind of yeast essence that can produce a bacteriostatic zone, mainly composed of yeast glycoprotein, which is the main functional substance that promotes growth and maintains intestinal health. The yeast derived product has been reported to increase resistance to infections and serve as an immunomodulator. The product exerts antibacterial functions by interfering metabolism and growth of pathogens, and disrupting bacterial cell membranes. It can not only replace AGPs in feed, play a role in promoting growth, but also reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Pig Progress | Li Han, Angel Yeast | January 10, 

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