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From a new pig processing plant in Mexico to an acquisition in Denmark, and from a farm safety award in the UK to free farrowing pens inauguration in Finland, Pig Progress brings the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry.

PIC publishes guide to maximising pork carcass value

PIC has launched the Total Carcass Value Handbook, a resource for pork processors and producers which covers practical aspects of pork production and includes and explains factors that contribute to pork lean and fat quality.

Grupo Kuo launches pig plant in Yucatán, Mexico

With an investment of 2,000 million pesos (US$ 96 million), Mexican company, Grupo Kuo, through its subsidiary Kekén, has launched a pig processing plant in Yucatán. The facility has a weekly processing capacity of more than 40,000 pigs and will generate more than 1,500 direct and 7,000 indirect jobs.

Osborne launches new feed intake recording system

Osborne’s new SaFire (Small Animal Feed Intake Recording Equipment) system is a feeding system that completely automates the measurement of individual daily feed intake and growth characteristics of pigs from 6-23 kg housed in groups.

Nutreco finalises acquisition of Danish Nutrimin

Danish producer of farm minerals, Nutrimin, was officially acquired and became a part of Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, Trouw Nutrition, on 1 December 2021. This acquisition will the company further access to Danish and Danish-owned farms in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Novus: Discrepancies in amino acid recommendations in pig diets

Research from Novus International shows that producers operating without antibiotics in swine diets may be using an incorrect ratio of amino acids in their feed formulations. The research looks at how additive amounts in antibiotic-free diets differ from some recommendations listed in the National Research Council’s nutrient requirement standards. Meanwhile, at the company’s manufacturing facility in Arkansas in the US, over 16 years, a team of about 60 people have achieved 1 million hours worked without a lost-time injury.

Weda free farrowing pens inaugurated in Finland

Finland’s largest piglet producer, Timo Heikkilä, with the help of Weda Dammann & Westerkamp, has converted his farm to free farrowing. These new movement pens have been inaugurated by the Finish state secretary at the ministry of agriculture and veterinarian.

Emily Jones wins Nick Bird Award

Emily Jones, from Herefordshire, has won the Farmex 2021 Nick Bird Award, at Harper Adams University, for her dissertation on farm safety. She points out that agriculture, while accounting for just 1% of the British workforce, is responsible for 20% of all annual workplace fatalities.

BS acquisition of Rivalea will not be opposed

JBS Foods Australia’s proposed AU$ 175 million (US$ 125 million) acquisition of pork processor, Rivalea Holdings, will not be opposed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. It was determined that the transaction is unlikely to lessen competition substantially in the pork production and processing markets.

Award for new feeding system

Bestowed by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the swine equipment brand of Agco, AP, has won an AE50 award for its new Flex-Flo XD Ultra Unloader feed system which offers a 50% larger boot, a fibreglass-filled wear plate for 4 times more wear resistance, efficient feed delivery and durable housing with less corrosion.

Employees complete first apprenticeship programme

Based at the company’s Belfast animal feed mill and distribution centre, 9 long-standing employees at agri-tech business, Devenish, have celebrated the completion of the firm’s first-ever 2-year in Food Services Team Leading apprenticeship programme.

Study shows oregano essential oil supports piglet health

An independent study was conducted on a commercial pig unit in Greece from weaning for 21 days. It noted that Anpario’s oregano essential oil, Orego-Stim, supported piglet health and alleviated the impact of post-weaning scour which reduced the need for antibiotics at this stage of growth. It also resulted in improved survivability and growth performance and a reduced number of positive faecal E. coli counts.

Magapor unveils new image for extenders

Magapor has redesigned the image, packaging and colour palette of its extenders, which it says are essential for the production and preservation of swine semen doses. The company notes that it has not changed its formula.

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