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Topigs Norsvin SA is excited to introduce the TN70 to the African market. The TN70 will be replacing the TN60 as the parent sow from week of birth 10 with delivery to clients commencing in May 2020.

The TN70 is a cross between the Topigs Large White and the Norsvin Landrace. She is a highly prolific, easy in use sow with an amazing weaning ability and a top contribution to finishing pig quality. She produces large litters of strong, uniform piglets that excel in fast, feed efficient growth and carcass quality.

The TN70, together with the TN Tempo is the ultimate combination. TN Tempo brings robustness, uniformity and fast growth potential. The TN70 is an excellent mother which strengthens these qualities by contributing the best feed efficiency to the finishers compared to any other sow on the world. Together, the TN Tempo and TN70 offer you the potential to produce the most output against the lowest cost, a combination unrivaled.

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